Sunday, June 8, 2008

Reading, Writing, Spanish

I have an interview tomorrow, and I am researching the company a little more before I go in. It is a consulting firm, and I can definitely see myself there--I am looking forward to going in and asking the staff questions about the company. I am confident that it will go well.

In other news, I have been catching up on my blog list. Over 400 entries this time! Once I catch up, I am going to go study my Spanish book a little more. I am learning Spanish, and I am quite proud of myself. I am still only in the first unit, but I have come quite far.

I went shopping yesterday. I love shopping; it is so relaxing. I went to the mall and picked out a few more clothes for the family cruise I am going on in a few weeks. I have been having a blast putting together outfits--I feel like a five-year-old playing dress up with her dolls, but at the same time, I think Stacey and Clinton would be proud.

I updated my summer book list, too. I already knocked two books off the list, and my copy of the Absolute Sandman, Volume 2 should be arriving soon. Yay!

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