Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Freelance Services

In addition to my experience in communications and public relations, I also offer a number of freelance services. As a freelance writer, my goal is to provide exceptional writing with a strong attention to detail that will help my clients best converse with their target audiences.

My experience includes work as a reporter for the Daily Free Press as well as an editorial position with During my time with Kiwibox, I authored articles aimed at young adults on topics ranging from dating advice to volunteering. I worked with teen reporters to develop and edit content for final publication.

You can view several samples of my work at my digital portfolio.

Freelance Assignment: Articles and columns on topics including mass media, public relations, technology, gaming, entertainment and Generation Y
Proofreading: Personalized proofreading services for professionals and students
Copy Editing: Copy and content editing for Web sites and print media
Public Relations: Press releases, outreach e-mails, newsletters, Web site content, research, proposals, video scripts and storyboarding
Blogging: Blog content, interviews, research
Radio and Web casts: Public service announcements
Creative Writing: Short fiction, YA fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction

For more information about these services or any additional questions, please contact me via e-mail at

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