Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The past few weeks have given me a new sense of clarity in terms of the career I want to have. This afternoon, I started the process of becoming a sole proprietorship, which means I will be able to offer freelance services while I continue to look for a position with a public relations firm. A license also means that should I decide to devote myself entirely to freelancing, I can do that, too.

When I was a kid, I wrote short stories about trees and tornadoes and mice and ballerinas. I imagined one day I would be a famous author like Eric Carle, and I practiced thinking up novels in the bathtub. I continued to write in high school and college for student-run newspapers, and my passion for words is what led me to public relations.

I love the way a good writer can craft language. It’s exciting to write articles and press releases and e-mails targeted to bloggers—choosing just the right words can lead to a feature article or an interview with an up-and-coming celebrity.

Centuries ago, philosophers argued about the power of words. A good speaker can sway minds, and a great one can incite change. Be it Aristotle or Eddie Bernays, when someone uses language to change minds or share ideas, they have power over people.

Writing a press release is not difficult. Typing up original Web content can take minutes, as does customizing an e-mail. It’s easy to get the words down, but what I want to do is write great press releases and articles that help clients reach new audiences and motivate change.

Finding a job in this economy is going to be difficult. I have no doubt that I will see many more polite rejections before I find the position right for me. But I am sure now that I want to continue to write and blog and maybe change the world.

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