Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Recommended Reading: Blogs

Some of my favorite blogs follow. This list is constantly growing and evolving, so please feel free to add your own suggestions below.

20SB: The Blog - The place for the 20 Something Blogger community updates
Advergirl - Advergirl Leigh Householder is a great mind in the advertising industry
Alice in Average-Land
Apricot Tea - Elegant, sophisticated and down-to-earth
Brandflakes for Breakfast - My favorite advertising industry blog
Brazen Careerist - Launched by Penlope Trink, Brazen Careerist features top Gen-Y bloggers
Bre Pettis - DIY genius Bre Pettis is the man behind History Hacker
Cleaveland's a Plum
Coco Wang - Beautiful artwork and hilarious comics by Coco Wang
Confessions of a Jersey Girl
La Culture Populaire - Danah is another up-and-coming PR superstar based in Canada
Dirty Rotten Feminist
Jennifer Lynn Barnes - Young adult fiction author and hilarious blogger
Jersey Girl
Jess Loves NYC
Liz Strauss at Successful Blog
Maggie L. Wood - My favorite Canadian author
Mamalicious - Mom, writer, photographer Sarah has a wonderful voice
Michelle & the City
No Ordinary Rollercoaster
No So Usual - Author Jeff Sampson used to be an Animorphs Fanboy with the best of us ;)
Occupation: Girl - Author Clealinda Jones of M15M fame
PR 2.0
PR Squared
Pretty Dumb Things
Spilled Perfume
Surviving Myself
Watch Me Be - Author and Atlanta native Jackson Pearce
Working Girl
You Are Flawed if You Are Not Free

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