Sunday, June 8, 2008

Collected Advice for Aspiring Authors

Jennifer Lynn Barnes is one of the coolest authors on my blogroll. She writes YA books, including the popular series The Squad and the teen supernatural novels beginning with Golden. Recently, she began writing advice for young writers, too. The first two entries can be found here and here. I know that there are a few aspiring authors who read my entries, and I encourage you to go check out her blog.

Similarly, Sherwood Smith has a great discussion about first-reading experiences over at her blog, and Hula Bunny posted an interesting discussion at her blog. She asks, "If there were such a thing as "So You Think You Can Write", what genres should be included, and how do you characterize that genre?" Link found by way of Susan Taylor Brown.

Finally, another one of my favorite young authors and fellow bloggers, Jackson Pearce, has posted new vlog for aspiring authors. She has fantastic advice about critique partners. Check it out below:

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  • brookem
    11:10 PM  

    ha, i like the video!

    thanks for stopping by my blog by the way... looking forward to reading more of you.

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