Monday, April 14, 2008

The Jamba, the Juice and the Gummi

I checked my email this afternoon to find a very surprising note: the folks at Jamba Juice corporate had forwarded my complaint to the local store, and the manager had emailed me to personally apologize. I feel a little sheepish about it, but I can't say that I am not pleased he added, "Please stop by with your recipe and we will be happy to make you a White Gummi. I am interested in making it. It sounds very good."


I hope the girl who I emailed corporate about doesn't hate me forever, though. I will certainly be avoiding the morning shift. :/

In other news, my friends have been posting mini-reviews and snippets of the books they are reading, including a few on my summer book list. I am very, very excited to read Darkly Dreaming Dexter, and it has just been moved up to the number one spot (Sorry, A Great and Terrible Beauty!).

I am still working on my Mexican labor paper. Hope to have a completed rough draft tonight--we'll see.

5 comments: to “ The Jamba, the Juice and the Gummi

  • Brittany
    10:48 PM  

    what's up fellow boston bloggah?! hahaha i love the jamba juice story. totally sounds like something i would do. let me know if they ever make that white gummi for you, and if it's any good! :)

  • Holly Grande
    10:52 PM  

    I plan on going back sometime this week, and I will be sure to update. Love meeting other Boston bloggahs! Thanks for the comment.

  • Kate
    2:03 PM  

    Yay for Jamba! I would LOVE to know how the white Gummi turns out...I love Jamba and try to get something different every time. :) I'm SO going to google the secret menu!

  • jesslovesnyc
    8:14 AM  

    mmm I love jamba! one thing i miss about the states...!

  • susan
    6:45 PM  

    Hmm... I've never had Jamba Juice, is it a chain or something local?

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