Friday, October 19, 2007

Tulle and Lace

I love October! Autumn is my favorite season, especially with the beautiful changing leaves here in Boston. Halloween is great, too. My friends and I love to freak ourselves out--and this year is no exception. I have plans for a monster movie marathon, and a few of my girlfriends are interested in doing a ghost tour.
I went on a ghost tour last year with my sister and my friend Diana--it was a complete blast. We scared each other, shouting whenever we thought we saw a ghost and took photos of "orbs" to show off later.
This year Cassy and I are going to go see a couple costume contests, too. College kids get very creative with their costumes, so it is always fun to see what people have come up with. Last year, we went to a superhero themed party and my friend Pete had an amazing Doc Oc costume from Spider-man. His extra arms were opposable and could hold things like a cup or a hat. Another friend was Magneto from X-Men, helmet and all. I made a Batgirl costume that was too cute--and then took great photos with a friend who had an amazing Catwoman outfit.
I think I will work on my costume for this year this weekend--I found a pattern for a can-can girl dress and a group of us might all go out as can-can girls. We'll see. :) First, I have to finish off an assignment for Latin American Political Economy, so all that tulle and lace will have to wait!

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