Saturday, July 12, 2008


The mother and I went to yoga this morning at our community's rec center. It was fun--I haven't done yoga in a year, and it was neat getting back into it. I am so out of shape, though, I fell over during tree pose. :D

We met a group of great ladies from the community--one women just moved here from New Jersey. After the class, we stayed and chatted about New Jersey, New York and moving to the South.

Dance has always been a huge part of my life: my schedule revolved around my classes, recitals and rehearsals. I started dancing when I was four, and I took everything from Ballet to Hip Hop to African/Carribean. I still have all my costumes from recitals, too, packed away in boxes in the closet. Even in college, I found myself shifting around courses based on the dance classes available at the gym.

I'd like to get back into dance or Jazzercise again. It's tough once your out of high school to find a class that "fits," but it's possible, and once you do, it is so worth it.

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