Saturday, July 12, 2008

Christmas in July

Sometimes, I think Christmas in July is better than the actual winter holiday. I love when networks replay their Christmas and holiday specials in the middle of the summer, especially with the record-breaking heat and electric storms this year.

I finally caught "A Very Supernatural Christmas" when the CW reran it Thursday. I didn't actually watch it until today on Tivo. It was incredible, as expected.

There are very few things that I "fangirl" over. Supernatural is one of them (Hanson would be another). I love that show, and I can't wait until the next season starts.

During school, my friend Amy and i would get together every Thursday after Step About Boston for Cinnamin buns, soda, Supernatural and Lost. We have both been Lost fans since freshman year, but I turned her onto Supernatural only last year. It's such a fun, raunchy, scary series: I love it. It doesn't hurt that the two lead characters are cute, too.

I know I have a few more Supernatural fans who read my blog, but what else makes your inner thirteen-year-old shriek with joy?

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