Monday, May 26, 2008

Graduation, Goodbyes

Wow! Between graduation, goodbyes and driving more than 1,000 miles across the country, I have been extremely busy. Unfortunately, that means that I have had to put my blog, facebook and twitter on the back-burner, leaving you all in the dark and neglecting my blog feed. Can you believe I have over 1,000 entries to catch up on? What are you people writing about? :)

Graduation was bittersweet. I am so proud of myself and my friends for completing four years, but now I am starting over in Atlanta, applying for jobs and internships. My friends are scattered around the country, and while we have facebook and instant messaging to help ups keep in touch, it is strange not being able to make friends with the kids my weekends revolved around for the past for years.

My friend Cassy instant messaged me the other day, and I automatically started to type in a question about getting together this weekend. With my dog as my witness, I sheepishly hit the backspace key and asked her about her own job hunt instead.

I am looking forward to a new career. I began my job search weeks ago, and I have had several interviews, already. I think they went well, and I hope to hear back from my interviewers soon.

Meanwhile, I am also adjusting to living with my parents again. I have moved into the basement, and my dad likes to refer to me as his parasite daughter, stealing a term I used in a Japanese Economy paper last semester. Of course, I know he really enjoys having me here, and he has already taken advantage of my "cheap labor" by putting me to work this weekend for his construction business. My arms kill from painting walls and carrying lumber, and I'm going back next weekend!

I enjoy it, though. It's very cool to be a part of building something bigger, and to watch it come together in front of you. I think there is a metaphor for life or public relations somewhere in there, too.

This entry has gotten long! I am off to finish up a cover letter before beginning a Spanish lesson. Oh! I am learning Spanish this summer. It's one of my summer goals. :)

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