Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Five: Spicy

How do you feel about spicy food?

I love spicy food. I will try anything once, even the really hot stuff. I just saw this neat product on the Food network for adding heat to drinks, and I really want to try it. It's called Frostbite, and it looks delicious.

What kinds of condiments do you add to food in order to spice things up a bit?

I like hot sauce, but I don't have a particular brand I prefer. I like ginger in foods, too.

Not counting salt and pepper, what’s your favorite flavor enhancer when cooking?

I have a mini-pantry of spices. Yum. I like mustard seed, ginger, chili powder, cayenne pepper, you name it. It depends what the recipe calls for. I love adding red pepper flakes to tomato soup--so hot, but so good.

What’s the spiciest food you’ve ever eaten?

My brother and I went shopping during break and I was in the vegetable section with him picking out peppers. He tells me, "I want to try that spicy pepper, the one on Discovery channel!" referring to that tiny little pepper that packs a punch. So we bought one. Wow.

My grandpa also likes to cook spicy peppers, and he likes to tell you, "Just try it, it's not hot."

In what way might some other aspect of your daily life be spiced up, and what’s keeping that from happening right now?

I'd love to do some more traveling, maybe a road trip, but the job hunt and lack of funds is putting that on hold.

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