Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Chapter

It is a huge relief to be finished with the semester. This year has been tough, and although I am excited for the future, I am ready for senior week.

I turned in my last paper on Monday. Twenty pages on the state of female political and economic participation in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. I enjoyed the paper, and I really think it was a culmination of the work I've done in my policy class. Once I slipped it into that mailbox, though, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. There may have been some angels singing as well.

My last final yesterday wasn't too bad. I have been doing well in my Communication Research class, and I understand the concepts. The exam was multiple choice and short answer: not too tough.

The remainder of the week, I will be packing and applying for positions in Atlanta. My life will be packed up on boxes, and it is a little sad. My roommates are juniors, so they will be leaving before me as their exams finish. I've told them just how much their kindness meant to me--these girls were all friends while I just happened to be placed in the empty room in the campus apartment, and yet they completely opened up their hearts to me. I will be sad to leave them.

I am a little nervous about going into the "real world," but I am excited, too. A new chapter is beginning, and I have my red pen ready to make it amazing.

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