Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Peanut Butter and Elvis Sandwich

Where has Holly been? I've been focusing on my final papers and projects. One more week to go. Friday, I participate in a focus group on technology--that'll be neat. I get to talk about how much I use the internet every other day except these last couple weeks. :)

On to the peanut butter goodness! Supposedly, these were one of Elvis's favorites.

I hated peanut butter and banana sandwiches as a kid. They tasted funny, and the first time I had one, I didn't like it at all. But now, a fried PB and banana sandwich is a tasty alternative to grilled cheese.

This is not difficult at all, and you can find the recipe on a lot of those mom-cooking sites. No picture in this episode of dormet because I ate my sandwich so quickly, I forgot!

You need:

2 slices bread
2 tsp butter (didn't say this was healthy...)
1-2 Tbsp peanut butter (I use natural, but I am sure Jif works great, too)
1/2 banana (I eat the other half, yum)

What you do:

1. Melt your butter in a pan over medium heat and swoosh it around with a spatula. Spread your peanut butter on one bread slice and put both pieces in the pan, peanut butter side up.

2. Slice your banana into thin disks and lay on the non-peanut-buttered bread. Drizzle honey over the bananas. I don't use very much, maybe a couple tsps?

3. Check your bread for golden brown crispyness. When they look done, flip the peanut buttered side on top of the banana side.

4. Slice and serve. Your inner components will be gooey, warm and delicious and your outsides toasty and crunchy.

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