Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday Five

1. Have you ever stayed in a hostel? If so, where? Did you like it? If you haven't stayed in a hostel, would you?

I haven't--however I have "couch surfed." Several of my friends live in great cities like NY and Savannah, and they have been kind enough to let me sleep on their couches when I was in town. I've also slept in dormitories at colleges for conventions, and given the opportunity, I would stay at a hostel.

2. What is your favorite airport that you've been to? Why?

I like Atlanta because it is super easy to navigate, but it is very big. I like Macarthur because it is small and minutes away from my childhood home.

3. What is the best museum you have visited on vacation?

The Museum of Natural History in DC. And I have two reasons why: Dinosaur. Bones. I love museums in general (I did work at one for a year and a half!).

4. Have you ever made friends while traveling whom you keep in touch with on a regular basis?

I've made friends while on vacation. Unfortunately, I don't keep in touch with them as much as I'd like to. I think most people can make friends really easily, and I enjoy having a "travel buddy."

5. Have you ever had a conversation with a seatmate on a plane?

Absolutely! I've made loads of friends on planes. I think you should make the best of travelling because it is often so stressful. You can tell if someone wants to chat or would rather be left alone, and one plane conversation earned me directions to a lovely secluded beach in Northern Massachusetts.

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