Thursday, November 1, 2007


Sweeney Todd 2007 Tour InformationHalloween as an absolute blast. The girls and I dressed up and went to see Sweeney Todd in the theatre district. I hadn't seen the revival, and this production was absolutely amazing. I love how the actors are the orchestra--they play instruments onstage, switching off between them and singing. Absolutely amazing. The tour is no longer in Boston, but if it comes to your city, you absolutely need to go see it.

I'm looking forward to the Tim Burton film coming up this Christmas. I love all the musicals coming out--but I am a total Disney musical geek, ask my former roommates. I have a bunch on DVD, including The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. (Speaking of which, The Little Mermaid is now a Broadway play. Yay!)

Lindsay, Ash and I went to see Across the Universe a few weeks ago, which was also amazing. I think it is still in theatres, so if you like the Beatles and you like Moulin Rouge, you will like this. Weird combination, I know, but it is a'll love it or hate it sort of film. If you don't like musicals or you can't stand the thought of Beatles music being sang by anyone other than the Beatles, you probably won't enjoy it.

Back to studying I go. I have a study session tomorrow, and I want to be prepared!

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