Friday, August 28, 2009

Reading Rainbow Turns Its Last Page?

Today, the last episode of Reading Rainbow aired. Honestly, I had no idea, and wouldn't have known at all if blogger Sadie hadn't written about the show at Jezebel--I didn't even know that the show was still on air. Now that I've found out, I'm a little sad.

Reading Rainbow was a huge part of my childhood. I was already an avid reader as a kid, and I loved it when the kids reviewed books that *I* had already read (I was kinda brat, too). I used to tell my mom that I wanted to go on Reading Rainbow so that I could present my favorite book.

LeVar was amazingly cool, too. He was like a cool uncle who would take you to Broadway shows or the Renaissance Faire or on a trip to a museum. I remember wanting to visit all those places. In fact, as an adult, my mental list of places to go and see is made up of many of the places that LeVar visited--and I am fortunate to have had the chance to cross them off my list, too.

I think Sadie did a really good job talking about why we liked it so much. Along with Bill Nye, The Electric Company and Blues Clues, I think Reading Rainbow is up there with some of the most influential and memorable kids shows from our childhoods. I am sure there will be new shows that our kids will always remember, but Reading Rainbow was something special.

But you don't have to take my word for it...

Did you watch Reading Rainbow as a kid? What were your other favorite shows?

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  • Anonymous
    12:26 PM  

    Awww, I didn't watch RR at home but we watched it in school a whole lot when they were talking about a particular book/topic we were doing that day/week.

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