Thursday, November 20, 2008


The minds behind James and the Giant Peach and The Nightmare Before Christmas have launched a new interactive campaign to hype the upcoming animated feature Coraline. Much like for The Dark Night, Coraline's marketing team has engaged fans and bloggers in a fun campaign-game that mixes Neil Gaiman's fantasy world with real-life artifacts.

Cleolinda of Movies in Fifteen Minutes and Space Bass of Despoiler have already received their boxes and found them full of unique, mysterious treats. You can visit their blogs here and here to read about what they received. Both Cleolinda and Space Bass have been kind enough to share their secret keywords so we too can see exclusive footage at Try buttoneyes and stopmotion.

You can also sign up to receive texts from the campaign. I just got one that told me that there is more to find if I keep looking. Have you figured any other keywords out?

Great campaign! (And excellent choices of bloggers to target so far.) I can't wait to find out more keywords, and I am definitely excited to see the film.

Edit: Here are four more codes thanks to Neil Gaiman:


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