Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tell Me Your Secret

I am a regular reader of the Sunday Secrets at Post Secret, and today, this secret caught my eye.

It makes me think of so many questions that will likely never be answered. I wonder how Rachel will react to the love letter? Does she read PostSecret, too? What about the stranger who wrote the letter?

The act reminds me of Amélie, one of my favorite movies. I bet this story could make a fascinating film or novel.

It's really breathtaking how PostSecret affects those who send postcards in, or who read the anthologies and website. My favorite stories are those about the people who find a way to propose to their significant other at Post Secret events. Very cool.

Have you ever sent in a Post Secret?

5 comments: to “ Tell Me Your Secret

  • Kayley
    1:29 AM  

    I only recently found Post Secrets but I love them!

    This story could make such a fabulous book or even a movie with the right amount of storyline...

  • ÄsK AliCë
    1:33 AM  

    Whoops...that comment above is me - I'm using my sisters computer and didn't realize she was still signed in!

  • Bombchell
    10:02 AM  

    wow post secret has really changed. I remember it from my livejournal days.

    what!!! people now propose on it. my guilty pleasure is craigslist's missed connections =)

  • Paula
    12:32 PM  

    I'd never even HEARD of Post Secret until recently and keep forgetting to check it out - this one is nice though, I hope Rachel likes the letter!

  • claire
    1:58 PM  

    adorable, and you're right -very amelieesque. I sent one in once; it's pretty liberating in a way.

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