Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Dance Your Cares Away..."

Image Copyright Sesame Street and the Jim Henson Company.
What is up with Twitter? I want to tweet! :)

Finished up some research for Who's In Fashion TV. I'm working on a couple of blog posts, or at least a guide for the new interns. I have a massive folder of fantastic local and national finds. Someone joked that 97% of the U.S. population sells jewelry online and, well, that may be an overstatement, but I am amazed by how much talent is out there. My favorite find is still Chimera Fancies, who is gearing up for a Halloween sale later this month.

I have been working from home this week. With gas prices so high, I am spending about $50 a week on my poor little Saturn. My wallet is hurting, and my social life is nil.

Fortunately, this Saturday is Museum Day, so I will be taking Littlebrother to the Center for Puppetry Arts for the Jim Henson exhibit. He doesn't know where we're going yet, and I hope he'll have some appreciatation for the genius behind Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street and the Dark Crystal, among others. Littlebrother likes to act like he is too cool for everything, but just a few years ago he loved Elmo's World.

I figure at least he'll admit to thinking the scary, adult puppets are kinda cool. It's too bad none of the tween and teen shows are running this week at the theatre, or I'd take him to one of those. Maybe we will have to prequel the outing with some Labyrinth, or perhaps a couple of the tamer clips from Avenue Q to hype him up that puppets are cool.

And speaking of Fraggle Rock, did anyone catch the new Robot Chicken last Sunday? Loved it. Man, I grew up with Fraggle Rock, and the boys behind the Adult Swim series must have some love for the Jim Henson Creature Shop classic. My favorite Muppet ever, though, is still Grover (and Super Grover). Yay! :)

I'll take for granted that you all watched some sort of Muppet series when you were a kid. Who was your favorite Muppet?

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