Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What’s Mygazines is Yourgazines just may be the answer to my magazine and tabloid addiction. Yes, I admit it, I can’t pass up the latest issue of Cosmo however antifeminist it sometimes is, and I positively drool over Vogue editorial spreads. There is something absolutely alluring about fashion magazines, and now that I work in the industry, I’d like to justify myself by explaining: It’s research. Yes.

Anyway, Mygazines is a neat little tool that allows you to read and share magazine articles. The content is user-uploaded, which means not only can you share that juicy Guy Confessions, but you can also upload your own creative content.

The site looks like it will be a fantastic tool for businesses who want to upload and share their brochures, magazines or other creative materials. I can already picture some great uses for my company.

Because it is a community-based site, there is also plenty of opportunity to connect and network with the other users. The site combines the best aspects of dig and other content sharing sites with printed media, making magazine and news articles far more accessible to the Gen Y crowed who would rather read a computer screen than the black and whites. Plus, since often the entire magazine is uploaded, we are still seeing the advertisements.

At the same time, I can see the concerns that some magazines may have about copyright infringement, but before they start dialing up their lawyers, I hope Cosmo and the likes will consider partnering with this site. Grant them some bonus material in exchange for advertisements, or even create an official magazine-sponsored account that will upload top quality versions of the magazine and link back to the magazine website.

I think Mygazines is a fantastic idea. It is a great example of how to do social media Web 2.0 right, and I am looking forward to see the site grow.

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