Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm a Real Boy! er...Working Adult!

Work was amazing today. I got in at ten and A and I got to work contacting bloggers about an upcoming event. We’re very excited about this event, and once we are closer to it, I will happily inform you of the details. In the words of my fabulous boss A: It’s going to be hot.

I spent most of the morning preparing for my meeting with a client that afternoon. Yes, darlings, I had my first meeting with a client. M oversaw the meeting and guided it along, after all, he is her client, but I got down to business “interviewing” him for a project we’re working on. I took notes with my Pulse Livescribe—which is an amazing tool for taking notes (although I still wish it had built in OCR software). As you write notes, it will also record to conversation and sync it up with your writing. After the interview, I demo’ed it for M and our client. I am such a tech nerd.

Anyway, I am very excited to begin work as an official employee for PR Company. We still have quite a few details to hammer out, but I am confident that this is the beginning of a fantastic business relationship with PR Company.

I feel like a real working adult. :)

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