Thursday, April 10, 2008


Ixp-Note prototype by Girton Labs, Ltd.Anyone who has been to my dorm knows how much I love Post-It sticky notes. They adorn my desk, walls and refrigerator in a rainbow of colors, bearing anything from notes to roommates and telephone numbers to recipes for that night's dinner. Without sticky-notes, my life would be chaos (or I would have to resort to college rule loose-leaf and scotch tape).

And now, I need not worry that technology will make sticky notes obsolete: Girton Labs, Ltd. is developing Ixp-Note, an intelligent sticky note that will not only remind me of my task, it will signal the event with a cacophony of flashing light and sound.

Actually, I am really interested in this--it's a very cool combination of a low-tech office supply with new ink and computer technology similar to what is used in musical greeting cards. You can actually set an alarm on this sticky note by pressing the ink spots that represent a certain time and date. Very cool.

Found via Engadget.

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