Thursday, April 3, 2008

Social Networks

Social networks are a fantastic Internet tool, and I am looking forward to see how they evolve in the coming years. As is true with many aspects of the Internet, I do not think we have uncovered all of their potential uses, and it is exciting to see the successes (and fumbles) of various groups and companies. In fact, I will be writing a paper on just that this weekend for a competition within the BU Mass Communication department.

In the meantime, my friend and future colleague Lindsey sent me an invitation to a new social network for Public Relations students, professors and professionals. PROpenMic was created by her professor at Auburn University, and it seeks to connect various members of the field and create a dialogue among them. I am not sure how much room I have left in my favorites list for any more social networks, but I made room for this site.

In general college news, I have less than a month left in my classes. It's absolutely terrifying and so exciting at the same time. I am gearing up for the Step About Boston Ceili tomorrow, and the the Walk for Change on Sunday. I can't wait!

Visit PROpenMic

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