Saturday, April 5, 2008


Amazon's Kindle, image from How did I miss's Kindle? I know it has been on the front page of Amazon for months, but I have completely ignored it until today.

Released in November, 2007, Kindle is almost everything I expected from eBook readers when they first came out almost a decade ago. I don't think it is quite there yet, but I am way excited about the technology. I'd love to get my hands on a demo, but I don't think I'll consider buying one until they incorporate a touch screen.

I love the electronic paper screen technology. One of the biggest flaws I find with eBook readers is the headache they give me from the back-glow. I can't look at my iPod Touch for too long because it gives me a headache from squinting and focusing on such a tiny, glowing screen. Amazon's Kindle promises to remedy that, and I think that is so neat.

Engadget has some great coverage here.

Almost as cool as Jouneyman's electronic paper.

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