Friday, April 4, 2008

Didn't get it

The internship at Porter Novelli didn't come through, and I am a little disappointed (if by a little, I mean a lot). I have been taking my time with applications because I am unable to interview except by phone until late May.

I was a little shocked that I didn't at least make it to the next round--my resume and experience is great, and I thought I really connected with the staff. I liked the overall feeling of the firm--but it is one of the top firms in the nation, and there were a lot of young women like me at that internship open house.

There will be a next time.

I would like your advice, fellow students and professionals. I am a little unsure how to proceed with correspondence. Before the open house, I had been emailing two of the professionals, and I stopped (save for thank you notes) in the two weeks after because I didn't want to appear desperate. I would love any advice on how to reopen that correspondence.

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  • Susan
    10:25 PM  

    I'm almost grateful I was in a situation where it was a perfect time, perfect place situation when I started interviewing. I threw everything through a loop because I got lost getting there and called in tears trying to get directions. I think the headmaster was so startled from that - I threw his game off and took the ball into my court.

    Unfortunately you're not a teacher and tears to a headmaster don't work, but point is none-the-less. Pull the ball into your court and throw off balance. You'll be amazed at what wonders it does. However - how to do it, well tears work for a teacher from out of town, but that's my trick, you'll find something that smooths your way back in and into the loop.

    I'm exhausted and starting to giggle, which means I'm past the point of sleep. But I hope my post makes the slightest bit of relative sense. I will likely re-read this tomorrow and think 'what the hell was I trying to say' but hopefully not.

    Ok, I'm done filling your response up with gibberish. hopefully you can pull something from it.

  • Holly Grande
    10:57 PM  

    That is great advice, gibberish and all. :) Thank you, Susan!

  • Chris Brogan
    12:41 AM  

    There are so many things that go into that mismatch between employee and employer. It's rarely you, unless it is, but more often, it's some weird mix of what you do best not being the part they need most. For example, what if you're insanely good with detail, but they want you to be a big picture thinker? If they said no, I'd hire you in a heartbeat, because I don't need a dreamer. I'M the dreamer.

    See? So there are lots of reasons.

    If you've not already sent a thank-you letter, feel free to add a sentence asking if there was something you might consider improving should the opportunity arise to interview with them again. No matter what they say, consider this only from YOUR point of view, and see what you feel about it all.

    Good luck with the next one.

  • Holly Grande
    9:45 AM  

    Thank you. That makes a lot of sense.

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