Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Five: Big Trouble


What were the events that led to your being in the most trouble with your parents ever?

I was a good kid, and I never really acted out. My parents were pretty lenient about going out with friends or going to concerts, so I never really rebelled. I think I stole $5 once from my sister when I was seven, and my mom made me give it back and go to reconcilliation. Oh! I used to get soap in my mouth all the time for having a potty mouth.

What happened when you received your worst childhood physical injury?

I was playing around on a stool in the kitchen when I was four and it fell on my toe. I broke my toe and had to wear a cast on it. And yes, I totally remember all of this.

What was the worst trouble you ever got into in school?

...I didn't. Once my third grade teacher yelled at me for forgetting my earmuffs. I may have gotten a detention in high school for being tardy.

What kind of trouble have you been in at work?

Ah, I did get in trouble once for having food under the register for one of my coworkers. I was her senior, and I damaged out a bag of gummy bears because she was feeling faint and didn't have any sugar in her system. Other coworkers have done it before, and the manager is generally okay with it on slow days. Unfortunately, he wasn't in and the other supervisor on duty found the bag. I took responsibility, since I was the one who opened it and gave the girl the okay, and got a "demerit." A week or so later, the demerit system was abolished.

How do you usually deal with the knowledge that you’re about to be in big trouble?

Damage control! I am an honest person, and I will take responsibility for my actions and apologize.

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