Thursday, March 27, 2008

Facebook Stalking, 2.0?

I am sick today, so between sipping hot tea and taking swigs of decongestent, I've been checking my email. I received the strangest message only moments ago from the kind folks at Spokeo: "As a courtesy, we are notifying you that Spokeo users have found the following accounts for you..."

What followed was a list of my accounts attached to my google email address. I had no idea such a website existed, but I am completely amazed. I signed up for an account myself and watched as it pulled my email contacts and tracked thier activity over the web. I had no idea my little sister had a myspace account (Sorry, sis, now I know!).

Spokeo is invasive, but absolutely fascinating. The possibilities in communication and advertising are limitless--I can track a client and see what they are doing on the web, who they are posting about. Alternatively, they can track me, or together we could track key audience members.

This takes Facebook stalking to a completely new level.

1 comments: to “ Facebook Stalking, 2.0?

  • Sarah
    10:38 PM  

    *gasp* I LOVE it. I stalk my clients all the time and this is so going to help out.

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