Sunday, March 30, 2008


Dragon Fly Pair from
Beyond the world of communications, I am an avid crafter, baker and homemaker. In fact, I've mixed the two worlds, and I have an entire subsection of my Google Reader devoted to "hip domestics." Journals and blogs there range from personal accounts from friends who post thier crochetted and hand-sewn masterpieces to higher-profile accounts like Bluelines or shelteriffic.

I love being able to make things, useful things or decorative things. Right now, I am working on a needlepoint project I originally bought to keep myself occupied while flying. This is my first needlepoint project since I was maybe seven years old. It's about halfway done, now, and I am real proud of myself.

But then I make the mistake of visiting craft blogs, like Craftgrrl on livejournal, and seeing the absolute art that other young men and women have made. The work is stunning, and suddenly my little dragonflies seem so crude. These kids are creating clothing, accessories and artwork that are truly amazing--check out the journals I have linked if you don't believe me.

But I am going to keep working on my little dragonflies (in between writing my paper on Mexican Labor Unions, of course). My crafts may not be works of art, but I am proud of them. And, if anything, at least my mom will hang it on the fridge for a while, right?

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