Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cheeseburgers and Atonement

Yum!Lindsay and I went on a chick date tonight. First, we checked out this burger place on campus that everyone has been raving about. Uburger has been open for a few months now, taking over the venue that used to be a Korean Barbecue restaurant. Lindsay had gone with her boyfriend, and she promised me that the burgers were amazing. Oh, man, was she right. I had a Cowboy Burger: sirloin beef, swiss cheese, mushrooms, bacon and barbecue sauce. I hadn't had a good burger in months, and this was the perfect reintroduction. The burger was juicy and delicious, and their French fries were crispy and hot and the perfect complement. If you ever find yourself near a Uburger, get the #1 combo. Yum.

Don't own this image, found on a movie site.We went to the movies afterward and saw Atonement. I have a girl crush on Kiera Knightly, and I have heard great things from the critics about the film.

Unfortunately, what the critics don't say is how depressing this film is. Lindsay and I came out of the theater nearly in tears. It is a very, very sad film.

It is also very, very beautiful. I am only familiar with the basics of film production, but the cinematography of this film was astounding. Although Atonement is a little slow-moving, the shots are gorgeous. Every decision about the lighting, colors and costumes, camera angle and timing was perfect. The soundtrack matches wonderfully, and the writing eloquent. I loved the little girl who plays young Briony, but each of the Brionys (Brionies?) were impeccable, especially if you note that 18-year-old Briony was cast after 13- and 90-year old Briony, and she had to watch and learn to act like these two women already cast. Kiera Knightly was gorgeous, but I am horribly biased, as was the young actress who played Lola--she was very good. The film is long, very, very long, but very, very good. (That was an awful lot of commas, wasn't it?)

If you haven't already, go see Atonement. It will make you cry. But it will also give you a real respect for post- and pre-production.

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