Friday, February 26, 2010

Two Truths and a Lie: Round Two

Last night, Sistergirl and I went to Athenos’s “Two Truths and a Lie” event at Cellar 56 in Atlanta. Although I’ve been back in Atlanta for months, I haven’t had too much time to go out, so I was looking forward to the event. Plus, this was my first “blogger event” through 20SB, who had been contacted by Athenos’s PR team to select some VIP bloggers to attend.

Google map directions in hand, I picked up my sister from her dorm and we headed out at around 5:30. Neither of us had been to Cellar 56, and we were both very impressed. Set back from the road, the building had a bit of the rustic look so many Italian restaurants aspire to replicate. We felt like we were walking into a hotel restaurant, all tiles and echoes in the entrance foyer.

We were a few minutes late thanks to some nighttime traffic, so when we arrived there was already a nice crowd. I checked in with Star 94, who’s on-air personality Cindy was hosting, while Sistergirl handed over her ID to the bartender (I feel so weird not being carded anymore—I can’t look that old, can I?).

The food selection was small but tasty. True to their promise, Athenos had supplied a nice variety of items featuring their hummus and feta cheese. I tried these delicious feta-stuffed peppers with rosemary olive oil, and Sistergirl munched on pita chips and what must have been their roasted red pepper hummus, but was green and sweet (and yummy). Fortunately, we were gifted with some coupons for their products, so a trip to the grocery store is in order.

The appetizers were paired with wine, and the glasses were generous. Finding some seats at a tall table, Sistergirl and I chatted while the Star 94 team set up the contest.

Oh, the contest. I was so confident in my pop culture knowledge and Sistergirl’s more obscure trivia that we thought we had the game in the bag. I watch E! regularly, and TMZ is my guilty pleasure. We were knocked out in the first round.

It went like these, eight teams of two faced off against each other to answer which of three statements was a lie. The first team to reach five correct answers made it to the next round, and so forth until two teams were left. Sistergirl and I were quick with our buzzer, but answered wrong, giving our opposing team the opportunity to steal, and steal they did, making it to the second round before they were disqualified.

The contest was fun, even if we lost. Sistergirl and I had a great time, and Athenos did an excellent job with the event. It was well organized, and I was introduced to a gorgeous restaurant that I will definitely be visiting again.

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