Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kiwibox Celebrates 10 Years

For almost eight years I volunteered at an online, by-teens-for-teens magazine called At the time of my resignation, I was a Senior Editor of the eXpressions, Life and Dating sections. This week, KB celebrated its 10th anniversary, and site co-creator Mike asked me to write a guest post. A portion of my article follows--you can read the full post at

When Mike asked me to write up my favorite Kiwibox memories, I thought it would be an easy task, but I'm having a tough time. I guess I never really thought about how much Kiwibox has affected me--it's a Web site, after all. But if my life were a great big tapestry, I think there would be a bright green thread starting somewhere in the middle, weaving in and out of college applications, internships, novels and my career now. Ten years is nearly half my life, and it is staggering to think that this Web site has been a part of it for so long.

I remember when I first discovered Kiwibox while looking for news about the Backstreet Boys. I was ecstatic to find this website that wasn't just for teens, the articles were written by teens, too. I was hooked on the deliciously scandalous KiwiSoap, and I spent hours refreshing the journals to try and score the elusive karma beads. Soon, I became a regular on the Young Authors message board, and within weeks I had submitted my application to become a full-fledged reporter.

Read the rest here.

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