Sunday, August 23, 2009

Little Brother's Growing Up

I don't think Little brother reads my blog, but if he does: Quick, Little bro! Go here.

Little brother is turning twelve this year. I've thought he was twelve for, like, the last two years, but, nope, he's finally in sixth grade this year and on December 3, we'll be celebrating his 12th birthday.

Little bro has hit a few milestones this year, too. He has more responsibilities, like taking care of monster puppy and doing more chores. Even our relationship is changing--he talks to me like a teenager now, and less like a little kid. We talk, really talk, about movies and World of Warcraft and how his friend built a really cool world on Little Big Planet. He'll even call me out of the blue to tell me, "Soooooo Holly, I saw you reached level 60 on Persea--good job!"

(But he's not too old to hint that I should pay for next months subscription to WoW since it would clearly benefit us both. That's his character, a Night Elf Hunter, to the right.)

It's weird--I remember when I was 12 and my mom had just given birth to little bro. My friends and I were fighting that year, bell bottoms were back in style and Mariah Carey was our siren hero. I also got my first kiss that year on our sixth grade trip--a boy named Chris. Someone tattled to the chaperons, so we were the reason that boys and girls couldn't sit together on the bus ride home.

(It was just a peck!)

Even though things aren't exactly like they were when I was twelve, I think there are a lot of similarities. As the official Cool Older Sister (TM), I'm giving him the boys' equivalent of Our Bodies, Ourselves for his birthday. That, and $20 to spend (I'm not sure which he'll like more, hah!).

Part of me is dreading the inevitable embarrassment I know he is going to feel when I give him the book, but at the same time I am really excited and proud that my little brother is almost a teenager--he's a real person. It'll be neat to see him grow up, and I hope he knows he can come to me for anything.

3 comments: to “ Little Brother's Growing Up

  • thatrous
    11:36 PM  

    You may be the official Cool Older Sister but I'm still the favorite XP

  • Anonymous
    11:36 PM  

    I think that book is a good idea. I know my little brother was too embarrassed to ask my parents any questions about puberty and he found it easier to have a sister around to talk to about all that crazy stuff. Also, it's the sort of present that says, you can come to me for anything. :D good luck!

  • cassleeh
    3:45 PM  

    Holly-just fyi... the bf's bro is a night elf hunter toooo

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