Wednesday, November 19, 2008

20SB Blog Swap: Quarter-life Nose Piercing

20SB Blog Swap 3
Todays guest post is brought to you by Mermanda from Cusp of Normal.

This is all part of the 20 Something Bloggers "Blog Swap 3".

Don't forget to go check out my post over on her site.

Hi. This is Mermanda from Cusp of Normal. I'm over here on Holly's blog today for the 20 Something Bloggers' blog swap. This is nutty, huh, guys?

Listen, I have a confession. I'm coming upon an important birthday very soon. Next week I'll be 25. I keep thinking about this and wonder if it's maybe time to breakdown and have a quarter-life crisis. But then I stop and imagine said breakdown, and to be honest, I am just not sure I have the energy for that kind of thing right now.

When I think of quarter-life crisis, I think of the traditional stereotypes for midlife crisis... red corvette, piercings, leather jackets... because let's face it... 40 is the new 20. Or something. Don't they say that? And that makes 20 the new black. Wait. I'm getting confused here. Let's back up.

What I'm trying to say is, I think I want to get my nose pierced. Not a bull ring or anything. Just something very subtle and mysterious. Almost like a tiny fairy ever-so-gently kissed my nose and left behind a small trace of glitter. Yes. That's the best way I can explain what I'm envisioning.

There's just one problem with having a quarter-life crisis. I don't feel old. At all. I'm still a total child. I mean, I am scared to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I am terrified of the basement, and I still carry a torch for Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

You really should not still possess 'N Sync stickers AND be allowed to have a quarter-life crisis. So I guess it is time to make some choices.

(I can still keep the hello kitty stickers, though, right?)

9 comments: to “ 20SB Blog Swap: Quarter-life Nose Piercing

  • Lauren
    9:29 AM  


    Ok I kid. Cute post! I turned 25 earlier this month and let me tell feels like 24.

  • Lacey Bean
    10:36 AM  

    Ummm you should not be 25 and sleep with a stuffed animal (me). Or get excited about Wall-E coming out on DVD (also me).


  • Laura
    12:03 PM  

    do it!

    i've been yearning for a piercing or a tattoo or some other kind of drastic addition to my, really i've only considered a piercing or a tattoo. should do it!

  • adriana
    12:43 PM  

    I have a couple of friends who have super cute, tiny nose piercings. I think you could pull it off. Do it! Just for fun!

  • stealthnerd
    1:10 PM  

    haha oh man, the JTT crush! I had one of those too!

  • sarah marie p
    1:45 PM  

    Yes, you should def keep the hello kitty stickers! Yay!

    I think you should get your nose pierced! I like my little trace of glitter. I've had it since I was 18 ... but then I wonder when am I going to be too old and have to take it out?! yikes!

  • Kyla Bea
    2:06 PM  

    That would be a fun change! = )

    Piercings are so easy to take out if you don't like them, and you can get lots of pretty little jewelery for cheap.

    It hurts like a mother though! But only for a split second.

  • Paula
    3:11 PM  

    I got my nose pierced at 25. I still have it at 29 and don't regret having it done at all. Like Kyla Bea says, it DOES freaking hurt at the time though. But it's worth it in the end . . .

  • Jossie Posie
    8:49 PM  

    My swap post was about how much I regret getting the piercing I got when I was 16...don't do it merwoman!

    That sounded all sorts of wrong, merwoman...I figured you were too mature for mermaid...but screw that.

    Don't do it Mermaid!

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