Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wickedly Searching for a Career

After the car debacle yesterday, Sistergirl and I took Schmendrick to our mechanic and she drove me to her apartment in Atlanta. I am staying with her for the rest of the week in Atlanta, sleeping on her couch. I feel like I'm in college again.

Last night, I drove to training at the theatre. I was surprised by how old the staff was. There was one high school age kid, but he was there with his mom, who will also be selling merchandise. The rest of the staff are, well, adults. I think I am one of the youngest there. Most of the folks are professionals, and aspiring actors, who are working to fill up time.

I am definitely excited to start. I have had no income coming in for months, and it is killing me: Gas prices alone have drained most of what was left in my bank account. Poor Schmendrick will eat up the rest.

A former professor told me once that when you leave school, your job is to find a job. I completely agree, but what he failed to impress upon me was just how difficult it is. Firms don't want to hire you unless you can prove your worth (often in an unpaid internship). I am learning that first-hand.

The stint with Wicked is only four weeks, to tide me over while I interview, interview and interview some more. I have an interview coming up on Thursday, and I am looking forward to it. We'll see how it goes.

Dan Schawbel at the Personal Branding Blog has a great entry today on putting in your dues for the experience and networking that will land you your dream job. He has some great advice, and I definitely recommend you check this entry out.

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  • j*amy
    4:41 PM  

    i can't actually say i've ever had job issues...i did an unpaid internship the summer before my senior year of college and they hired me part time after the internship and full time after i make all matters more in my favor - my boss [the president] is my mum's cousin, and he and his wife run the business...[however, i didn't know them that well] and i had to prove myself to get the job...but i knew autocad and that's what they needed so it worked!

    good luck!!! i have friends who had job-finding difficulties. it can suck!

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