Friday, October 17, 2008

Marley & Me

I have tweeted about the naughty things Monster Puppy has done (she is currently sleeping on my feet), but she doesn't come close to Marley. Check out the trailer.

I can't wait for this movie to come out. The book by John Grogan is an amazing read, especially if you have had a naughty dog of your own. Marley's antics reminded me of Monster Puppy, who has devoured slippers, socks, hair bands, and a pair of pearl earrings that I never got back. No dog toys have been a match for her, and she particularly likes the onces with tiny squeakers that she can march around the house with in her mouth. My parents finished basement is missing a large expanse of rug where she found a single lose yarn and pulled it. But I love my naughty puppy. She still things she is a lap dog, all 90 pounds of her.

I was absolutely bawling by the time I finished Grogan's memoir. Marley & Me tops my list of movies to see this year.

Do you have a naughty dog of your own?

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  • Meaghan
    7:31 PM  

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  • Bombchell
    1:13 AM  

    ha ha ha omg didnt know about this movie. love owen, oooh and mc steamy.

    lol more like marley and us.

  • Island Girl
    5:22 PM  

    I can't wait for this movie either! I have a new puppy; she's pretty good though! Anyway, I've tagged you, so check out my blog!

  • hollylynn
    12:35 AM  

    oh, i can hardly wait! i have been wanting a dog soooo bad lately!

  • hollylynn
    12:35 AM  

    oh, and i love you for having no word verification on your blog.

    great hollys think alike :)

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