Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Things have been pretty quiet for me lately. Well, that's not exactly true. I think a better turn of phrase is that I am waiting.

I begin my first month at PR Company, and as a new recruit, this will be my "trial period." Even though nothing is secure quite yet, my boss is confident that i will do well, and having her believe in me gives me confidence.

I went to the library this weekend where I picked up a few women-in-business texts, and I am sure that once I pound through those, I will have plenty more myself to say on the topic.

I also picked up Pants On Fire, a fun, quick read by Princess diarist Meg Cabot. Man, I need to update my summer reading list.

In the meantime, I am chilling, watching TV and catching up on my blogroll.

And speaking of the above (all three, even!), the Middleblog has a great post about passing the Bechdel Rule. As a fan of The Middleman, I am quite proud. Until my next scintillating entry, go check out the Middleblog.

2 comments: to “ Waiting...

  • Susan
    5:32 PM  

    Seeing confidence from a new boss is always encouraging, nothing is worse than starting a new job and having a stone cold boss that doesn't give any signals or vibes! I'm sure you'll be fine!

  • Bombchell
    2:34 AM  

    for some reason I havent read Meg Cabot. Ill have to force myself to pick her up instead of some steamy romance novel

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