Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Five: Animals


What’s the cutest of the small, furry animals?

Chinchillas. They hop like kangaroos, but they are tiny and adorable.

What predator impresses you the most?

Sharks. They haven't changed much in millions of years. Any of the felines are gorgeously dangerous, too. If you can't tell by my AIM user name, I am a fan of Utah Raptors, too (thank you Michael Crichton).

After which animal will you name your professional sports team?

If given the opportunity to purchase and own any Utah based sports team, I would immediately rename them the Raptors. Yes.

What’s an unusual animal that you know a little something about?

Blue-Tailed Skinks will lose their tail in order to thwart a predator. I caught one once when he decided to chill out under my bed, and when I transported him outside using a cup and a newspaper, I accidently caught his tail and a little piece snapped off. The lizard was fine, but his little tail piece kept wiggling long after the little guy ran off into the bushes.

Your high school probably had some kind of mascot or symbol, but based on your memories of it, what animal should REALLY have been the emblem?

We were the Cheifs and...actually, my high school was kinda awesome. Sure, there was drama, but there weren't any defining characteristics to the kids. It was a very wholesome high school. Oh! They could be the T-birds, like in Grease.

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