Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Behind the Music: Holly's Sing-A-Long Resume

I can finally go public with the secret project my sister and I were working on. If you visit the "Resume" link to the left, you will see my Sing-A-Long Resume.

The sistergirl and I had a blast making it. I wrote the lyrics over a weekend, and that Friday we turned my sister's bedroom into a recording studio where I attempted to sing the song over the Karaoke version of Miley Cyrus's single "7 Things."

The results were, well, cringe-worthy. I may have won second place in a Britney Spears Karaoke contest, but I can't hit those high notes in Miley's song. Fortunately, my sister came to the rescue, and it's actually her voice you hear in the video.

We totally pulled a Milli Vanilli. :D

I'm proud of the sis, though. She doesn't like to sing in front of other people, and she sings very well. I think we recorded this in six takes, but I had to leave the room before she'd do it.

The next day, I set up the garage with a huge, pastel sheet my mom used to use to take photos of my sister and me in our dance costumes. It's hanging off scrap PVC pipes from my dad's workshop. We shot the video in the morning, and edited it that afternoon. I used a lot of what I learned from CM 510: Computers in Communication with Professor Sweeney, but my sister came through with her experience subtitling Japanese music videos to create the Karaoke look.

We put a lot of work into the video, and I like the homemade look of it. I have a lot of respect for the folks who do this for a living.

2 comments: to “ Behind the Music: Holly's Sing-A-Long Resume

  • Sarah/Linly
    8:27 PM  

    I LOVED it. It was fantastical.

  • Todd
    4:25 PM  

    lol, that is pretty funny... good work!

    Hey, I read on your blog about dirt cake! That reminds me of cat litter cake. You use the same recipe, but put it in a cat litter pan and put melted chocolate tootsie rolls in it instead of the worms.

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