Thursday, March 20, 2008

Simulated Life, part 2

The Sims 3, by EA GamesA giant emerald octahedron greets you on the splash page of the preview site for the Sims 3. The familiar diamond shape has become synonymous with the Sims, and I am excited to see the return of the series.

I am definitely looking forward to the greater free will the Sims have, as well. They can wander sophisticated Sim cities without you needing to prompt them to go to the bathroom. The screenshots are great--the environment is more realistic, and the creators promise even more interaction.

But the biggest feature of the third installment looks to be the ability to create Sims with limitless features. Finally, I can create a Sim-Holly that looks even more creepily like me. I can create realistic Sim clones of my friends and family and control every aspect of their lives. Wow, I think I just creeped myself out there.

This Sims 3 looks like it is going to be more fun than the previous installment, and delightfully creepier, too.

3 comments: to “ Simulated Life, part 2

  • Sarah
    12:23 AM  

    Oh dude, you're not for real are you? Another one? Man... more money going down the drain.

  • Holly Grande
    8:10 AM  

    I am absolutely for real. I am not a huge gamer, but the Sims series is one of my guilty pleasures. I haven't played since Makin' Magic came out a few years ago, but my sister has the Sims 2, and I am interested in this installment.

  • Susan
    8:51 AM  

    Thank you for your comment, I was having a rough day and while I'm not one to beg for comfort, I needed it ;-)

    I can not get into the Sims. I just don't get it. When I played I had such a hard time even figuring out what the purpose was. I heard the requirements are going to be immense.

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