Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Five: Applied


1. What was the last thing you filled out a written application for?

I actually just finished my application for the Blue Chip Award at my college.

2. What computer application software last impressed you with what it could do?

Blog2Blog by Paul Cooley is a neat little tool that I recently discovered. I used it to transfer my entries from Livejournal to here.

3. Where did you last apply a Band-Aid?

I hurt my heel breaking in a new pair of shoes a couple days ago.

4. What’s a rule that applies to many people in your life but not to you?

This is a tough one. How about, "Don't bite off what you can't chew." Sometimes I take on a little too much responsibility. At the same time I am not afraid to ask for a little help and I will get it done or taken care of, and in return I am always there to help out a friend in need.

5. When were you last required to apply some elbow grease to something?

I had to clean the dishes last night after I made Sweet and Sour Sausage. very sticky pots!

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