Friday, March 21, 2008


Fan-fiction is another example of something that blossomed due to the internet and online communities. I have plenty to say on the topic, but that is for another day. Today, I have a surprising recommendation.

I don't read much fan-fiction these days, except by strong recommendation. I found "The Ivory Horn" by way of Sherwood Smith (whose recent post on Stephanie Meyer's Twilight is another great read).

"The Ivory horn" is a short piece written by a young woman known as Kaydee Falls, and it as absolutely gorgeous. It fits well into the world Pullman created, and there is a seamless connection into the world of C. S. Lewis. The characters may not always speak as Pullman wrote them, but the hearts of them are there. I am absolutely impressed, and I am curious if the young author has created any original fiction of her own.

Read "The Ivory Horn" here.

I've made quite a few posts today, haven't I? Today is my off-day from classwork, so I have been surfing the web in between writing my scholarship essays.

2 comments: to “ Fan-Fiction?

  • Susan
    12:16 PM  

    I swear I responded yesterday?? I said yesterday that I hadn't ever read any fan-fic works, would you say if I was going to check one out - this would be it?

  • Holly Grande
    12:34 PM  

    If you are familiar with Phillip Pullman and C. S. Lewis, I think you would enjoy this story. It's very well done.

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