Monday, February 4, 2008

(Very) Brief Superbowl Ad Commentary

I was actually impressed by the White House Anti-Drug PSA, but my favorite commercial this year was the GMC commercial. It was so different, but told a story. Not to mention, the animation was gorgeous. It stood out.

E*Trade was hilarious with the baby commercial, and I loved the firefly spot. Coca Cola was clever--I loved the battle between three animation icons. Toyota's spots were okay, but not stand-out. Bridgestone, Hyundai and were better.

Taco Bell annoyed me, but the commercials I couldn't stand were from Sales Genie. I don't think they were appropriate for Superbowl, and I don't think they were as clever as the creators thought they were.

Budweiser was fantastic, as always. I loved the wine and cheese party, but the dalmatian coach was too adorable.

Victoria's secret was also a stand-out, not because the commercial was particularly eye-catching, but because of the placement: The end of the game. They got their target audience spot on, and there will be many lacy underthings given as Valentines gifts this year. Well done, Victoria's Secret.

If you missed any spots, Fox has them up on their Myspace page.

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