Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday Five

  • What is something you collect? Why?

    I collect books. I love going tothe library and looking through the for-sale books. If something strikes my fancy, I will buy it and add it to my huge collection--my books don't all fit on the shelves anymore. I have them set in two rows now.

  • If you could make one ice cream flavor, what would the ingrediants be and what would be the name?

    Peanut Butter Cookie Crumble--I'd mix vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cookies and those little peanut butter morsels. Yum!

  • What can't you go a day without?

    Tea. I've just discovered blueberry tea and it is fantastic.

  • What position do you sleep in?

    I shift. I usually end up on my side, though.

  • What is your typical morning routine before work/school?

  • Let's see: First I reset my alarm to go off in ten minutes, then I put on my workout clothes and put my hair up. I try to get out the door before the alarm goes off. I go to the gym for 45 minutes, then ehad home toshower, brush my teeth, put on my makeup and clothes for the day. I make an egg or waffles and my coffee, do the breakfast dishes, check my GE stocks for class, and then head out the door.

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